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8/1/2019 - 5/5 stars

Extremely convenient, i hate driving in MX so when i saw this the last time i made my way south i made sure to take advantage, of course you have to Uber the rest of the time you're there but hey, 2-4 dollars per trip? Cmon. ~Luis C.

1/28/19 - 5/5 stars

A like to come to Tijuan, but I never take my car to Mexico, because the waiting line is horrible, last time it took me 3 hours to cross the border, so now, every time that I need to cross, I leave my car in this place, which is a really convenient, non expensive and a secure place.
The Chaparral border line is across the street, so you don't have to walk a lot, and is mostly always empty in both ways.
When crossing the line, are taxis outside always waiting for customers, $200 pesos from there to the airport, and if you know the city well, you can use public transportation $15 pesos per person. ~Elizabeth Q.


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